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About us
Bailun culture

Bailun Law Firm was established upon the approval from Beijing Justice Bureau and most of our professionals have Master Degrees of Peking University Law School. As a private P.R.C. law firm, we are known for our professional management and standardized operation. We named our firm as ¡°Bai Lun¡± with a similar pronunciation to ¡°balance¡±, which means the spirit of our firm is to seek the equity and justice of laws. All our legal professionals graduated from prestigious universities, and many of our lawyers hold degrees granted by law schools in western counties. Our lawyers are in the prime of their lives, profound in professional knowledge and experienced in diverse professional areas. We present clients in various practices, including corporation & securities, trade and investment, construction and real estate, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, legal consultant.

Our firm continually delivers professional services through our teamwork. In order to provide full services to our clients in all legal professional areas and protect the interests of our clients, we emphasize to exert our teamwork¡¯s advantages and ensure every legal service will be delivered through a team incorporated by the corresponding partner, lawyer(s) and paralegal(s).

The spirit of our firm is to apply diligences to our services, to push laws and regulations to be implemented properly, to protect our clients¡¯ interests and to deliver high-quality, efficient, standardized and professional legal services to society, and first of all law is the essential.

Our firm strictly adheres to the standardized operation of a law firm as a company, so as to seek share holding of the firm¡¯s property right; marketing our operation, and standardizing our services. By introducing a company management system and a market operation system, our firm endeavors to develop professional and creative services, to use for reference excellent experiences from foreign and domestic law firms, to ascend among one of the leading law firms of China and that of the World in the future, and to build our reputation in our core practice area that is corporation legal services.

Our firm places great importance on maintaining close and regular contacts with legislative, administrative, and judicial authorities in China. Simultaneously, we also keep good relationships with law firms from America, Great Britain, Australia, Italy and Hong Kong, etc.

Our firm is located at van palace Center east Tower which is in the CBD area and between China World Trade Centre and Kerry Centre. The convenience of transportation and the modernized office environment will ensure us to deliver satisfying services to our clients.

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